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[IMG]Aggie Theater & Old Town Lofts.JPG2006-10-08 15:07 226K 
[IMG]Armstrong Hotel 250 S. College Ave..JPG2006-10-08 15:05 235K 
[IMG]BNSF Mainline track on Mason Street.JPG2006-10-08 15:15 228K 
[IMG]BNSF crossing Cherry St..JPG2006-10-10 10:26 218K 
[IMG]Belgian Brewery.JPG2006-10-09 09:44 209K 
[IMG]Belgian Brewery flooring.JPG2007-08-02 09:43 159K 
[IMG]Belgian Brewery packaging line.JPG2006-10-09 20:40 201K 
[IMG]Belgian Brewery vats-2.JPG2006-10-09 20:35 174K 
[IMG]Belgian Brewery vats-3.JPG2006-10-09 21:11 204K 
[IMG]Belgian Brewery vats.JPG2006-10-09 20:31 176K 
[IMG]Bike rack in Oak Street Plaza.JPG2006-10-08 15:10 230K 
[IMG]Bus Stops at Downtown Transit Center.JPG2006-10-08 15:57 211K 
[IMG]Cherry St. redevelopment.JPG2006-10-08 16:06 210K 
[IMG]City of Fort Collins Office Bldg 215 N. Mason.JPG2006-10-08 16:04 235K 
[IMG]Clifford's on Pine St..JPG2006-10-08 15:53 221K 
[IMG]College Ave. Crosswalk.JPG2006-10-08 15:04 231K 
[IMG]College Ave. angle parking.JPG2006-10-08 14:39 227K 
[IMG]College Ave. sidewalk seating.JPG2006-10-08 14:53 230K 
[IMG]College Ave. traffic calming through parking.JPG2006-10-08 14:49 221K 
[IMG]Colorado State University.JPG2006-10-09 11:35 209K 
[IMG]Commerical Bank & Trust (The Vault) 146 N. College Ave..JPG2007-08-01 19:22 209K 
[IMG]Denver Inernational Airport-2.JPG2006-10-10 12:04 211K 
[IMG]Denver International Airport-4.JPG2006-10-10 12:23 216K 
[IMG]Denver International Airport-5.JPG2006-10-10 12:23 220K 
[IMG]Denver International Airport.JPG2006-10-10 12:04 213K 
[IMG]Denveri International Airport-3.JPG2006-10-10 12:04 206K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center.JPG2006-10-08 15:59 175K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center Sign.JPG2006-10-08 15:57 229K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center bike storage.JPG2006-10-09 11:15 225K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center locking bike rack.JPG2006-10-09 11:15 228K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center plaque.JPG2006-10-08 16:03 225K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center portable bike rack.JPG2007-08-02 09:37 194K 
[IMG]Downtown Transit Center ticketing area.JPG2006-10-09 11:09 185K 
[IMG]Downtown no ride zone.JPG2007-08-02 09:19 177K 
[IMG]Front Range-2.JPG2006-10-10 11:07 209K 
[IMG]Front Range.JPG2006-10-10 11:04 215K 
[IMG]Ft. Collins Athletic Club.JPG2006-10-08 15:31 236K 
[IMG]Government Center Parking Ramp-2 Mason & Pine.JPG2006-10-08 16:02 190K 
[IMG]Government Center Parking Ramp Mason & Pine.JPG2006-10-08 15:57 230K 
[IMG]Government Center Parking Ramp storefronts Mason & Pine.JPG2006-10-08 16:02 234K 
[IMG]HA Craft Block 25 Old Town Square.JPG2006-10-08 15:45 229K 
[IMG]JL Hohenstein Block 5 Old Town Square.JPG2006-10-08 15:45 225K 
[IMG]Laramie County Justice Center.JPG2006-10-08 16:03 200K 
[IMG]Larimer County Courthouse-2 200 W. Oak.JPG2006-10-08 15:17 227K 
[IMG]Larimer County Courthouse 200 W. Oak.JPG2006-10-08 15:13 226K 
[IMG]MOCA 201 S. College Ave..JPG2006-10-08 15:08 223K 
[IMG]Medical Clinic--Harmony Rd & I-25.JPG2006-10-10 11:18 209K 
[IMG]Miller Block (detail).JPG2007-08-02 09:18 218K 
[IMG]Miller Block 11 Old Town Square.JPG2006-10-08 15:44 226K 
[IMG]Missoula Bike Rack.JPG2006-10-08 14:48 234K 
[IMG]Nonesuch Theater on Pine St..JPG2006-10-08 15:51 206K 
[IMG]Northern Hotel-2.JPG2006-10-08 15:35 224K 
[IMG]Northern Hotel-3.JPG2006-10-08 15:48 186K 
[IMG]Northern Hotel.JPG2006-10-08 15:34 242K 
[IMG]Northern Hotel Lobby.JPG2006-10-08 15:38 182K 
[IMG]Northern Hotel detail.JPG2006-10-08 15:36 240K 
[IMG]Northern Hotel stained glass coffered ceiling.JPG2006-10-08 15:38 188K 
[IMG]Oak Street Plaza.JPG2006-10-08 15:10 228K 
[IMG]Old Fire House 232 Walnut St..JPG2006-10-08 15:40 200K 
[IMG]Old Town Lofts 200 S. College Ave..JPG2007-08-01 19:09 209K 
[IMG]Old Town Square--Mountain Ave..JPG2006-10-08 15:43 230K 
[IMG]Old Town Square--stage.JPG2006-10-08 15:43 227K 
[IMG]Old Town Square--stage 2.JPG2006-10-08 15:44 222K 
[IMG]Old Town Square.JPG2006-10-08 15:42 233K 
[IMG]Olive St. Gallery.JPG2006-10-08 15:12 203K 
[IMG]Olive St. Gallery street face.JPG2006-10-08 15:13 236K 
[IMG]Opera House Galleria-2.JPG2007-08-01 19:20 178K 
[IMG]Opera House Galleria.JPG2006-10-08 15:26 230K 
[IMG]Opera House Galleria exterior.JPG2006-10-08 15:31 235K 
[IMG]Pine St. Alley at Trimble Ct..JPG2006-10-08 15:42 198K 
[IMG]Pine St. alley.JPG2006-10-08 15:40 184K 
[IMG]Pine Street Lofts.JPG2006-10-08 15:51 205K 
[IMG]Poudre River.JPG2006-10-09 09:57 176K 
[IMG]Stonehouse Cafe 125 College Ave..JPG2006-10-08 14:48 227K 
[IMG]Taco Bell-2.JPG2006-10-10 10:28 227K 
[IMG]Taco Bell-3.JPG2006-10-10 10:29 229K 
[IMG]Taco Bell.JPG2006-10-09 15:56 222K 
[IMG]Tenney Ct. Alley--bollard detail.JPG2006-11-14 20:42 181K 
[IMG]Tenney Ct. Alley--bollards.JPG2006-10-08 15:25 234K 
[IMG]Tenney Ct. Alley--self-watering planters.JPG2006-10-08 15:23 232K 
[IMG]Tenney Ct. Alley--self watering plant hangers.JPG2006-11-14 20:42 194K 
[IMG]Tenney Ct. Alley.JPG2006-10-08 15:22 219K 
[IMG]Traffic Operations Center.JPG2006-10-09 09:54 193K 
[IMG]Traffic Operations Center interior.JPG2006-10-09 09:52 186K 
[IMG]Traffic Operations Center statue.JPG2007-08-02 09:32 187K 
[IMG]Trimble Ct. Alley.JPG2006-11-14 20:42 196K 
[IMG]WalMart distribution center.JPG2006-10-10 11:12 206K 
[IMG]WalMart distribution center 2.JPG2006-10-10 11:13 200K 
[IMG]WalMart watertowers.JPG2006-10-10 11:11 218K 

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