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[IMG]Alene Grossman Memorial Arbor 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:34 6.8M 
[IMG]Amaryllis by Tony Smith 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:01 5.4M 
[IMG]Arbor north end of park 1985 2016.jpg2018-04-02 10:30 2.2M 
[IMG]Arikidea by Mark di Suvero 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:35 6.7M 
[IMG]Arikidea by Mark di Suvero 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:36 7.2M 
[IMG]Arikidia 1989.jpg2007-03-08 15:50 2.9M 
[IMG]Back of a Snowman by Gary Hume 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:59 5.5M 
[IMG]Black Vessel for a Saint by Theaster Gates 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:43 6.0M 
[IMG]Black Vessel for a Saint by Theaster Gates 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:44 7.7M 
[IMG]Black Vessel for a Saint by Theaster Gates 3 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:44 4.3M 
[IMG]Black Vessel for a Saint by Theaster Gates 4 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:44 5.4M 
[IMG]Bronze Woman IV by Thomas Schutte 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:00 5.1M 
[IMG]Dawn Tree by Louise Nevelson 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:35 6.2M 
[IMG]Double Curve by Ellsworth Kelly and Amaryllis by Tony Smith 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:50 7.9M 
[IMG]Empire by Eva Rothschild 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:00 6.6M 
[IMG]FIve Plates Two Poles by Richard Serra 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:50 8.3M 
[IMG]For Whom by Kris Martin 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:39 5.3M 
[IMG]Frank Gehry Fish 1 1989.jpg2018-03-31 18:55 2.6M 
[IMG]Frank Gehry Fish 2 1989.jpg2018-04-01 14:20 2.4M 
[IMG]Hahn-Cock by Katharina Fritsch 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:23 3.8M 
[IMG]Hahn-Cock by Katharina Fritsch 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:43 6.0M 
[IMG]Hare Bell and Spoon Bridge 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:24 3.4M 
[IMG]Hare Bell on Portland Stone Piers by various artists 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:40 6.8M 
[IMG]Hephaestus by Matthew Monahan 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:00 7.9M 
[IMG]Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge by Siah Armajani 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:18 5.6M 
[IMG]Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge by Siah Armajani 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:14 5.6M 
[IMG]LOVE by Robert Indiana 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:25 7.0M 
[IMG]Level Head by Tony Cragg 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:01 6.8M 
[IMG]Prometheus Strangling the Vulture by Jacques Lipchitz 1989.jpg2007-03-08 15:47 3.0M 
[IMG]Rapture by Kiki Smith 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:00 5.7M 
[IMG]Reclining Mother and Child by Henry Moore 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:01 5.4M 
[IMG]Sagacious Head 6 and 7 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:56 3.0M 
[IMG]Sagacious Head 6 and 7 by Magdalena Abakanowicz 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:29 6.4M 
[IMG]Sagacious Head 6 and 7 by Magdalena Abakanowicz 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:32 8.4M 
[IMG]Selections from the Living Series 1 1989.jpg2007-03-08 15:02 3.5M 
[IMG]Selections from the Living Series 2 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:53 3.0M 
[IMG]Selections from the Living Series 3 1989.jpg2007-03-08 15:37 3.0M 
[IMG]Selections from the Living Series by Jenny Holzer 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:57 6.9M 
[IMG]September Room by Mark Manders 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:57 6.8M 
[IMG]September Room by Mark Manders 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:58 7.4M 
[IMG]Shoda Shima Stone Study by Isamu Noguchi 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:26 8.2M 
[IMG]Shodo Shima Stone Study 1989.jpg2007-03-08 15:44 2.9M 
[IMG]Spoon Bridge and Cherry 1989.jpg2018-03-31 18:52 3.2M 
[IMG]Spoon Bridge and Cherry by Claes Oldenburg 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:14 7.0M 
[IMG]Spoon Bridge and Irene Hixton Whitney Bridge 1 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:11 3.0M 
[IMG]Spoon Bridge and Irene Hixton Whitney Bridge 2 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:30 3.2M 
[IMG]St Mary Basilica 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 18:46 5.7M 
[IMG]St Mary Basilica 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:15 6.2M 
[IMG]Standing Figure Knife Edge by Henry Moore 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:01 4.3M 
[IMG]Two Way Mirror Punched Steel Labyrinth by Dan Graham 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:56 7.0M 
[IMG]Unknown 2 1989.jpg2018-03-31 17:22 2.9M 
[IMG]Unknown 3 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:59 3.4M 
[IMG]Unknown 3a 1989.jpg2007-03-08 15:05 3.1M 
[IMG]Unknown 1989.jpg2007-03-08 14:17 2.5M 
[IMG]Untitled by Jean Highstein 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:26 6.9M 
[IMG]Untitled by Jim Hodges 1 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:52 8.7M 
[IMG]Untitled by Jim Hodges 2 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:52 7.0M 
[IMG]Untitled by Jim Hodges 3 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:52 7.8M 
[IMG]Untitled by Jim Hodges 4 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:54 6.2M 
[IMG]Walking Man by George Segal 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:01 6.4M 
[IMG]Wind Chime after Dream by Pierre Huyghe 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:41 8.4M 
[IMG]Without Words by Judith Shea 2016.JPG2017-07-25 17:02 6.0M 
[IMG]X with Columns by Sol LeWitt 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:45 6.1M 
[IMG]after Joseph Beuys 7000 Oaks 2016.JPG2017-07-25 16:42 11M 

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